GDPR Suite User Guide

Click to Download GDPR Suite plugin

Click To download GDPR Suite

Note: Upload to your wordpress Plugin directory only!

First download the plugin above - Upload the zip file to your wordpress plugin directory

Click to activate the plugin

Note: The plugin is about 4MB, if your media upload size is less than 4MB contact your webhosting to increase upload size, that will fix the upload error: Guide to do it yourself here!

License Key Activation

Cookie Consent

Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Just like the Privacy Policy, your Terms and Condition is setup the same method

The only difference is the short code: 

- which should be placed on the terms and condition page you created.

Right To Forget

Your website users has the right to request that you delete all their data you have on file, and below is how to set it up.

  • Admin Email: The email address of the website administrator
  • The subject title of the mail
  • The email content you want to send to the user that requested their data be deleted, informing them that it has been deleted

Note: Before a user or your site visitor can send you a message requesting data deletion they must have given you their data in the first place.



Where can They Send Their Forget Me Request?

Create a new page and add the short code: 

Below you can request a copy of the information that you hold about me. This will send a request to website admin.

WP Comments
WordPress Posts
WP User data

Below you can send a request for website admin to rectify your data. Enter what you would like to be rectified. You will be notified by e-mail once this is done.


Your page preview should look like below... If you use a different theme it might look slightly different

When you receive a deletion request you will be able to see it at the bottom of your "Right to forget" tab