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GDPR Advanced Solution For Your Website

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This Wordpress Plugin makes your website GDPR compliant in minutes

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GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it replaces an earlier data protection regulation for the EU.

But don’t think you’ve dodged a bullet just because you don’t live in an EU member country.

The GDPR doesn’t just apply to businesses based in the EU.

  • If anyone from the EU visits your website, you are required to be fully compliant with this brand new regulation.
  • If your website uses cookies or integrates with 3rd party websites that uses cookies, you must be GDPR compliant.
  • If you get leads from people in the EU or people from the EU share any kind of personal data with you, you absolutely MUST be GDPR compliant.

And failure to comply can result in massive fines that can shutdown your entire business.


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Ensuring your compliance with the GDPR is crucial to your long-term business success.


By now, all the big websites out there like Facebook, YouTube, Google, JVZoo, and many others have already updated their terms of service and the way they interact with their customers to ensure compliance.

That’s because noncompliance with the GDPR carries extremely steep penalties…

That’s why you need to have [Your plugin name] for your wordpress sites.

[Your plugin name] is an easy-to-use Wordpress plug-in that makes it easy for wordpress website to become GDPR compliant in mere minutes.


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You could be fined 20 million euros?

Non-compliance to GDPR could put you out of business…

Are you GDPR compliant yet?

Never collect Data without consent




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If not, there’s still time to get it before the price increase and this enables you to become fully GDPR compliant.


Failure to become compliant with the GDPR can result in massive fines that can shut down your entire online business.

Because the GDPR is enforceable to ANYONE that has a website accessible to people from the EU, if you’re in any kind of online business, you need [Your plugin name] .

That means affiliate marketers, bloggers, CPA marketers, product owners, list-builders, ecom store owners and even online service providers MUST become GDPR compliant, this helps you protect your business as well as your site visitors.

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The new [Your plugin name] is an easy-to-use Wordpress plugin that makes your website compliant with the GDPR within minutes from right now.

  • It’s easy to setup without needing to hire coders, designers, or anyone else.
  • Everything you need to become GDPR compliant within minutes is included in the [Your plugin name].
  • The [Your plugin name] dynamically removes sensitive data in your Wordpress database…
  • …and automatically removes user data from 3rd party services and APIs keeping you compliant and ensuring you avoid the massive fines imposed by GDPR noncompliance.


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